Building a Progressive Movement at Stony Brook University Since 2001

Information for Activists

Club Information

SJA half-sheets

Email Sign -up Sheet

Email Sheet

Information on the War in Afghanistan

Afghanistan info-sheet Updated version – September 2010

Information on Immigration

Five Facts About Undocumented Workers in the USHoja informativa – Inmigracion e inmigrantes en la historia de los EE.UU – octubre de 2010

Immigration and Immigrants in US History – SJA info sheet – October 2010

Preguntas y Respuestas sobre los Estudiantes Indocumentados y su Acceso a la Educacion Superior

Question and Answer Regarding Immigrant Student Access to Higher Education

Information on Haiti

Earthquake in Haiti – Realities, Myths, and Witnesses

Haiti timeline – half-sheets

Information on Counter Recruitment

What You Should Know Before Joining the Military Revised January (Read-Only)

Alternatives to the Military pamphlet Revised Nov 2008

Voices Rarely Heard – Iraqi Civilians and Activists on the US (Read-Only)


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