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Thank you to all who attended The Dark Side of Chocolate screening.  Remember to buy Fair Trade chocolate for your loved ones on Valentines Day!

Events for the Future:

March 24th – *2 The Left* Join us for a night of music, food, and progressive friends!  Featuring the artists:  Born in a Cent and Spiritchild


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  1. Join us tomorrow, February 9th at 7PM in Harriman 214 for a screening of the film “The Dark Side of Chocolate
    This documentary deals with the role that forced child-labor plays in the international chocolate industry and how children are trafficked from neighboring African nations into the Ivory Coast, which contains some of the largest plantations for companies such as Nestle. This film is particularly relevent in light of the continuing stand-off in the last election in that country. Valentine’s Day is also around the coner, so when you buy your loved-one that heart-shaped box of chocolate goodness, you’ll know how it got there from seed to store.
    ***Free Samples of Fair Trade Chocolate from ‘Divine Chocolate’ will be available!!***

    February 8, 2011 at 6:23 pm

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