Building a Progressive Movement at Stony Brook University Since 2001

About Our Club

We are students who share the common goal of creating an atmosphere of progressive activism on Stony Brook University’s campus. This Blog is meant to aid in reaching out to fellow members, fellow students, and whoever finds interest in the general subject of activism on campus whether it be a particular issue or a broad based curiosity. Our club, the Social Justice Alliance, was formed in 2001 as an opposing force to the pro-war atmosphere that swept through the US post 9/11. Today, we exist as a group with many diverse interests in progressive efforts including immigrant rights, the Anti-War movement, LGBT rights, the feminist movement, the Free Palestine movement, and many others. The SJA is always willing to entertain new ideas of how to broaden and strengthen the activist force on SBU’s campus as well as across the nation. Our club spends time both educating members as well as giving them the chance to really participate in and lead rallies, speeches, and demonstrations. We ask that, if these ideas are important to you in any way, you consider being a part of our club’s fight for a progressive mindset.

Meetings are Weekly on Tuesdays at 8PM in the uniti cultural lounge (Union First Floor)




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