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US, Bring Hope to Gaza

Yesterday, we held a well recieved and informative event to benefit the suffering people of Gaza. The speaker included Ann Wright, a retired colonel of the US Army and of a US  state department; She resigned in opposition to the Iraqi war. Other reasons included her dismay: of the “US lack of policy in North Korea, the US curtailment of civil liberties at home, and the US lack of effort in the Isareli-Palestenian peace process”.

The illegal and immoral Isreali blocade of economic goods has been going on for 43 years in the city of Gaza.  It has been supported by Spain, France and Norway other than the United States,  to force a revolution against the democratically elected Hamas (considered a terrorist organization) government.

Just last June, Israel announced that it will ease it’s blockade. However, in an article published in the BBC news, Jon Doninson reports that there has still been “no change in the exports leaving Gaza (which is none), that frails the Gaza economy.

There is 1.5 million people in Gaza, Israel only allows 20% of the products they need to survive to enter the city. Forcing residents to dig tunnels to transport goods into the country. Israel has demolished whole factories and negates any repair to occur  to their sewage infrastructure.

In addition, to the economic blockade, Israel opereates a Maritime blockade the eliminates any humantarian goods to enter Gaza by sea.

The Free Gaza Movement and Turkish Foundation for Human Rights and Freedoms for Humanitarian Relief (IFF) organized a Flottila of six ships carrying medical supplies, reconstructional goods, food, water, and 150 passengers. Three of those passengers were American one of them was Ann Wright.  On May 30, 2010 the flottila arrived 40 miles off the shore of Gaza and was was met by Isareli force under an illegal raid to the Mavi Marvala, carrying only goods and unarmed passengers.

The economic and maritime blockade is working but at what costs. (to be continued)


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